About Us

Founded in 1994 by its current President, Jerry Naylis,  Technical Fire Services, Inc. was conceived and built to provide fire departments and public agencies with professionalism and expertise in many areas of fire protection and the fire service.

Over the last 28 years the firm has grown and evolved into a modern day single source for fire apparatus and equipment testing.  Our employees are experienced fire fighters and fire protection professionals with a broad range of education and professional achievement.  We proudly state that our focus is and always has been on firefighting and fire safety.  Many other firms serve a broad spectrum of industries and fail to recognize the unique needs and demands of fire protection.  Our team has but one purpose and passion – the fire service.

Our fire apparatus division provides fire apparatus inspection and testing services for mounted pumps, ground ladders, SCBA FIT testing, and we now also provide fire hose testing services.  In addition we can deliver training programs to your department to help better understand and operate your equipment.

In our professional service division our team of professionals can provide site evaluations, loss prevention analysis, water supply testing, and organizational master planning.  We also serve as consultants and advisors to fire companies and municipalities on projects and developments in their community.