Pump Testing

Pump tests are conducted at a location of your choosing provided that location has a flat and level surface and a source of water (usually a hydrant) to fill the suction tank used to conduct the test.  Water is circulated from the tank, through the pump and back into the tank using play pipes and water diffusers.

All tests are conducted in accordance with NFPA 1911.  Each apparatus takes approximately one hour to complete.

Upon completion, TFS will furnish a written report detailing the results of the tests.   Because we come to your location, there is minimal downtime.  Often times, we can complete a department’s entire fleet in a single day.  Our team has the ability to deploy multiple suction tanks and test up to four apparatus simultaneously.  We have been able to test entire mutual aid groups (~25 pumps) in a single day, provided that everyone arrives at the test site at their scheduled time.

Aside from conducting an annual pump service test for regulatory compliance, these tests are ideal for identifying problems when they are small and can be corrected before they become major and costly issues.  A pump breakdown during a fire ground operation is not the time to discover the problem.